African teak 4/4 and 8/4 Flat & Q/Sawn

Specie Description: African teak is known for its beautiful coloration, which ranges from golden to darker brown, gradually turning to a deep, rich, walnut-like color. Hard, heavy and strong, afrormosia is similar to teak in most technical properties, but not difficult to work with and can be glued successfully employing ordinary techniques.

The wood has traditionally been used for boat building, joinery, flooring, furniture and even decorative veneers.

These boards are surfaced to 15/16" or 1 15/16". They are also cut on the sides.

Shipping Note for Teak:

Because of the size of these boards, which are up to 10 feet in length, they must be cut in order to ship FedEx.

The max length that FedEx will ship is 60 inches at the rate shown in the shopping cart.

I can ship up to 9 feet but this will cost more. So if you need pieces that long, call to get shipping cost adder.

Shipping one board over 9 foot will add at least 100 dollars because it now must ship by truck.

8/4 Flatsawn Teak - 1408
Product ID : 1408
Unit Price: $220.00
2" x 15.1" x 72.0"
Teak -164
Product ID : 163
Unit Price: $164.00
1 15/16" x 10.0" x 84.0"
Teak -165
Product ID : 164
Unit Price: $156.00
1 15/16" x 10.0" x 80.0"
Afrormosia -167
Product ID : 167
Unit Price: $147.00
1 15/16" x 9.0" x 84.0"