Cast Iron Granite Bench and Table Legs - 1587

Cast Iron Granite Bench and Table Legs  - 1587
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Price: $800.00
Product ID : 1587
Weight: 600.00 lbs


Min/Max Order: 1 / 1


VINTAGE circa 1915 ~ Hershey Chocolate Conche Rollers - legs sold with tops only Circa 1915 corrugated granite Conche rollers out of the HERSHEY Chocolate Factory in Hersey, PA. These were used to grind coca beans. These will make great legs for tables or benches. The rollers themselves are made of machined gray Granite. They each measure 22 1/2" long and the roller is approximately 10 1/2" to 12" in diameter. The granite roller attach's to a U shaped cast iron piece and measures approx. 22" tall. Each base weighs about 290 lbs. ea. A pair weights 580 lbs. The rollers were each made with a flat spot on them so that they will actually rest without rolling. This makes them IDEAL for a table or bench base.  There are a very limited quantity.
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